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  - Buyer's Guide

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We Are On Your Side

Ascent Real Estatecooperates with other REALTORS® in the process of buying a home.

As your representative, Ascent Real Estate prefers to work as your buyer-broker. We will work in your best interest. All Ascent Real Estate REALTORS® have completed an advanced course in Buyer-Broker agreements. 

These are just a few of the many things a REALTOR® can do as a Buyer-Broker:

  • Prepare and interpret market analysis done on the property you are buying. (Determines if the price and terms of the listed property are correct)
  • Analyze and compare the "Pluses and minuses" of different properties you are considering buying.
  • Discuss the salability of different neighborhoods. (What neighborhoods hold their property values better.)
  • Tell you any information discerned about the motivation of the Seller.

Buying In A New Development

All new home developments use REALTORS® to market their properties. These REALTORS® encourage other REALTORS® to bring their Buyers to the developments and will pay normal co-op and buyer-brokerage fees. You, the Buyer, will pay no more for using a REALTOR® who represents you than using a sales associate who represents the Seller.

When looking at homes, we always want to be with you. We know there are times when you just want to drive around and get a "feel" of the neighborhood. We recognize this. Should you go into an open-house or model home without your REALTOR®, you may jeopardize your representation and may obligate yourself to additional out-of-pocket fees. So, should a model home or open-house look so good that you just have to go in, please tell the Seller's REALTOR® that you are working with us. Most, but not all, REALTORS® will honor your right to representation. Sign in and make sure you put your REALTOR®'s name down with yours. If the Seller's REALTOR® does not allow you to have your own representation, walk away and come back with your representative at a later time.