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Furniture Arrangement 101: Making the Most of Your Space

By Barbara Pronin Filling your home with comfortable furniture that reflects your sense of style can be a joy for the new homeowner. But it can be a major heada...


Economic Activity Still on the Upswing

By Katie Penote Incoming data suggest that domestic economic activity was stronger than expected in the second quarter, paving the way for accelerated growth in...


Are Your Squeezing Maximum Value from Your Energy Dollars?

By John Voket Agencies and organizations serving Connecticut have been dispatching loads valuable consumer advice in recent weeks. Most of that information is n...

Owned and operated in San Diego since 2005, Ascent Real Estate embodies an enviable combination of entrepreneurial energy, comprehensive industry experience, and local market knowledge.  This mix lets Ascent “out national” its local competition thanks to its exceptional professional team and world-class infrastructure, and “out local” the national competition thanks to its laser-like focus on the specific markets in which it operates.  Our highly productive team of residential sales specialists has elevated Ascent as a leader in the many communities served throughout San Diego County.  Our agents receive ongoing training and education, and they go above and beyond to deliver the diligent and ethical standard of care we are committed to providing.  And, as the exclusive San Diego affiliate of Leverage Global Partners, Ascent Real Estate is a hyper-local brokerage with a global reach.